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Representa un capitulo de High speed … pobre Makoto u.u

PD:No recuerdo al autor y aun menos a quien lo traducio, si alguien sabe porfavor aviseme

The dorky trio

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Top 10 Disney Villain Songs (as voted by my followers):
#4. Friends on the Other Side

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You’re allowed to be sad, but please don’t think that nobody loves you.







you have GOT to stop telling him to do that

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attractive voices


listening to attractive voices singing or laughing or just simply talking


It just won't stop fucking beeping. I can't read that many words. 

"Sacrifice is my favorite thing in a movie: what are people willing to sacrifice for the good of others. The idea of the Book of Life is that there’s this book that has everyone’s story in it - every story ever told is in this book. Our hero, when he goes through his chapter, finds his pages empty because he’s not living the life that others wrote for him and he’s not living the life that was destined for him, he’s writing his own story. That’s the main theme of the movie. No matter who your father is, who your family is or where you come from, what you do is what will determine who you really are." - Jorge Gutierrez

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